Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Access on ROL

I haven't been able to access using ROL connections lately. And it had become kinda the de-facto method to share URLs, especially on twitter. Here is a way to access for now atleast.

Open C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file using notepad (remember to open notepad using admin privileges in Vista) and add the following lines and save:

This did the job for me...hope it helps other guys...but remember to check often and remove these as soon as ROL resolves the issue since this is intended to be a temporary solution.


sigey said...

why mess with the dns :) let the roots do their... probably it aint ROL's problem but some sleepy root server.
arrg!!! this starhub sucks..

Anonymous said...

Change the dns servers to open dns!!!! ur net will get a bit faster too!!!

Neobe said...

yeah sigey...ur right...they often have problem with DNS...almost all the time...and the openDNS solution is cool too... :)
thnx guys

Anonymous said...

i have a hard time signing in to msn using msn for osx (with my laptop) using dhiraagu's connection (at home). it works fine on rol (at work) all the time. do you have anyidea why?

Neobe said...

unfortunately no :(